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Shinko tyre
Shinko, a South Korean-Japanese brand, specialises in the production of motorcycle tyres. The history of the company dates back to 1946, when it was started as a manufacturer of bicycle tyres in Osaka, Japan. It was in 1998 that the Shinko Group acquired the motorcycle tyre technology from the Yokohama Rubber Company and started manufacturing motorcycle tyres under the Shinko brand. The brand offers a wide line of tyres for all kinds of motorcycles including scooters, sport bikes, cruisers, dual sports and off-roaders. For sport bikes, Shinko tyres are available in categories such as Super-Sport, Sport-Touring, Track, Drag Race and Smoke Bomb. Depending on the off-road requirement, tyres are provided in types such as soft/intermediate, intermediate/hard, hard, mud/sand and trails. Cruisers are offered in kinds that include Classic, Smoke Bomb and Touring. The brand also provides tyres for Harley Davidson motorcycles. Shinko tyres are known for their optimum grip and handling performance in both dry and wet road conditions. Shinko tyres are designed in Japan and manufactured in South Korea. They are also available in various parts of USA, Canada and other countries. Shinko has been putting in a lot of effort to test, research and develop excellent high-performance tyres that offer a comfortable and safe ride. Change brand

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