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Bridgestone tyre
All tyres used by the Formula 1 teams were supplied by Bridgestone, from 2008 to 2010. Bridgestone Corporation is the first tire manufacturer to ever establish in Japan. In 1988, the company expands, by taking over of the Firestone Tire Company.
Technology and safety are the key words in the philosophy of this Nippon constructor, who won the second place on the international tire market. Specialized in the off-road tires, Bridgestone takes very personally the development of ecological tires, fit to stand up against the worst weather conditions. From a Bridgestone tire we can expect both an excellent wet traction and the noise reduction band or the ride comfort system, all "home made".
This obsession that Bridgestone has with innovation, made Bridgestone win the Japanese a good deal of Formula 1 Grand Prix, next to some of the most sounding names in this business, like Ferrari, Williams or Toyota. Out of the race, this manufacturer supplies original tires for the Audi TT, the BMW Z8 and the brand new Mazda Miata, MX-5. Change brand

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