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Tyre warranty - 24h assistance

1st tyre warranty on all brands including assistance in the event of a puncture

  • Pneus Online offers you a new tyre warranty including tyre insurance and 24h assistance in the event of a puncture

  • The warranty covers punctures, acts of vandalism, kerbing, bulging and assistance in the event of a puncture (repair, recovery, GPS navigation)

  • The tyre warranty covers car, 4x4, commercial, motor cycle and scooter tyres ( > 125 cm3) and quad tyres (on-road use only)

  • Two years of serenity for only 0.23 £ a month

  • Replacement of the 2nd tyre on the same axle, depending on its wear bought on PNEUS ONLINE

A simple process for extended assistance

  • In addition to the financial guarantee in the event of a puncture, you will benefit from roadside breakdown assistance with no mileage excess or be towed to the nearest garage.

  • For all repairs taking less than 24h, your hotel accommodation will be paid for. For repairs taking longer than 24h, you will be taken home and your vehicle recovery expenses will be paid.

A very attractive service

  • There is a dedicated 24/7 hotline for breakdowns.

  • Radio guidance by telephone to find the nearest garage

  • Rapid assistance, minimum waiting time

  • A complete service

  • The warranty is valid for all our tyres: summer, winter, quad (on-road use only) and 4x4 (except for 2-wheel < 125 cm3)

Pneus Online recommends that you protect your investment

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