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Compressor with a tyre repair kit.



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Airman Compressor with a tyre repair kit.

Tyre compressor and repairing kit RESQTECH

The RESQTECH is the perfect solution for re-inflating your tyres with ease (connected to the cigarette lighter receptacle from your vehicle) with its high-pressured compressor (pressure indicator in PSI and Bar) or for repairing your punctured tyres with its integrated anti-puncture bomb.

The RESQTECH it is composed from two hoses:

1) Air hose (black) : For re-inflating your car's tyres daily
2) Air hose + Sealant (grey) : For injecting and clogging a puncture in your tyre and to re-inflate it.

Attention : Once the sealant is injected, you can drive for 200 km at a 80 km/h maximum speed.

Along with a useful and ergonomic transport hose, the RESQTECH is the best solution to seal and re-inflate damaged tyres for all kinds of vehicles including the cross-over SUVs, utility vehicles and minivans.

The RESQTECH design manufactured in Germany by Airman greatly exceeds the quality and performance ratio of any other imitations that you can find on the market.

Save space in your trunk and consume less fuel by replacing your car's spare wheel with RESQTECH.

Functions :

  • Tyre compressor/inflator for cars and SUVs
  • Sealant 440 ml injected through the valve to seal a puncture in the tyre
  • Performance : re-inflating car tyres in 3 minutes, re-inflating SUV tyres in 4 minutes, re-inflating Pickup tyres in 5.
  • Adaptator for bicycle wheels, balloons and other inflatable objects
  • 12 V Power Plug compatible with the cigarette lighter
  • Transport bag

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    By Jean-Paul France, 16 March 2020
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    By top muito bom Portugal, 21 November 2018
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    By Carregador Portugal, 10 December 2017
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