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Pneus Online accessories

Pneus Online offers a range of accessories for maintaining your tyres and vehicle in top condition. Tyres are a major investment. You need to protect your investment and successfully and safely extend the life of your tyres and your vehicle.

These are accessories that Pneus Online suggests:
  • Digital manometer

    Manometer Digital manometer

    Measure quickly and exactly the pressure of your tyres to drive safely.

  • Tyre covers (x2)

    Tyre cover Tyre covers (x2)

    To protect, transport and store your car tyres.

  • Compressor with a tyre repair kit.

    Compressor with a tyre repair kit. Compressor with a tyre repair kit.

    Compressor to inflate car, SUV and motor tyres with a tyre repair set.

  • Wall tyres's shelf

    Wall tyres's shelf Wall tyres's shelf

    Save space with Pneus Online wall tyres's shelf.

  • Mobile tyre stand

    Mobile tyre stand Mobile tyre stand

    Store up to 12 tyres or complete wheels on the Pneus Online extendable tyre stand

  • TPMS electronic valve

    TPMS electronic valve Cub TPMS electronic valve

    Purchase the TPMS electronic valve to monitor the tyre pressure programmed for your vehicle or not programmed.

  • TPMS programmer

    TPMS programmer Cub TPMS programmer

    TPMS electronic valve programmer

  • Wheel covers

    From £23.44

    Embellish your vehicle with our top-quality design wheel covers.

  • Motorcycle filter

    From £18.07
    Motorcycle filter

    Filters at the best price for your motorcycle.

  • Motorcycle battery

    From £21.45
    Motorcycle battery

    Is your battery spent? Order a new battery for your motorcycle.

  • Motorcycle brake

    From £18.81
    Motorcycle brake

    Everything you need for motorcycle brake maintenance.

  • Motorcycle cover

    From £42.19

    Protect your motorcycle completely with our high quality motorcycle covers.