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Vredestein tyre
The Dutch constructer Vredestein never stops astonishing. Exactly like it did in 1999, when it released its newest tire, the Sportrac, that made the covers of specialized magazines. Indeed, a tire designed by Giorgetto Giugaro, one of the most prolific automobile designers in this industry's history, is in itself a great event. Vredestein Baden B.V., headquartered in Enschede, Holland, begins its story in 1946. Known essentially for their irreproachable grip on snow-covered roads and for their aggressiveness on dry roads, these tires are placed on the fourth position in the European consumers' preferences. Equipping a car with a Vredestein tire, means instantaneously making it more attractive. These tires know how to play the aces in their sleeves. The elegance and the post-modern aesthetics meet up to create tread patterns inspired from the bio-design current, that uses pure forms and fluid contours, to remind the beauty of nature. For Vredestein, every detail is important. Change brand

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