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The Finish manufacturer Nokian will produce tyres armed with an electronic chip that will call on the owner's mobile phone to warn him about a pressure drop. The proof that Nokian takes the concept of "intelligent tyre" very seriously. Established in 1988 in the city of Nokia, this manufacturer has developed at a spectacular speed. Today this company is the largest tyre supplier in the Northern Europe and one of the most profitable in the world. Nokian excels in constructing tyres specially conceived to assure a rarely seen safety on snow-covered roads and this with low fuel consumption. Named so as to impose respect, Hakkapeliita, that recalls the name of Northern warrior God is among the winter tyres the most respected and trusted by the consumers. As for the all season tyres, the Finish accept the provocation and they even dare other constructers: to create tyres fitting the needs of the countries where the temperature differences are significant from one season to another. Mission already accomplished in the Nokian factories. Change brand

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