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Michelin Extrem Grip - 80

Pair of certified snow chains with asymmetrical treads to ensure maximum traction, efficient braking and turning. Hightened visibility: Extrem Grip® includes NVS -Night Vision Security- Michelin's pattented lateral visibility increasing system. It increases the lateral visibility of the vehicle. Chains are composed of 9mm square profile links. Autolock tensioning system. Flat and swiveling locking hook. Colored markers for ease of (dis)assembly. Package contains: 2 spare links, a pair of long-sleeved gloves, a laminated assembly manual and a user's guide. Packaged in a shockproof, 2 compartment case to avoid entanglement.

In order to find out if your vehicle is chainable, please verify your car's manual.

Delivery deadlines for: Michelin Extrem Grip - 80

It is not possible to choose to have snow chains delivered to our partner fitting centres.
Chains are delivered in boxes of two chains. Upon delivery, you must therefore indicate on the signature terminal or paper delivery note, the number of packages received and any reservations in the event of a damaged or incomplete package.

To find out more about delivery, click here.

Transport costs for: Michelin Extrem Grip - 80

Chains are delivered free of charge.

Return for: Michelin Extrem Grip - 80

Please see detailed return terms of our products in the terms and conditions.

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