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Pneus online, the online snow chain specialist

  • Select your tyre size to find suitable snow chains.
  • Online sale of new snow chains for cars, 4X4s and commercial vehicles. PNEUS ONLINE offers metal, composite or textile (sock) snow chains. Composite and textile snow chains are quieter and usually quicker to fit.
  • Save up to 40% on average by buying your snow chains from PNEUS ONLINE.
  • Even with the best winter tyres, on snow-covered roads, snow chains are the safest way of not getting stuck. Drive with peace of mind when travelling on mountain roads or going to a ski resort.
  • At PNEUS ONLINE, you will find all the big-name snow tyre brands: Michelin (Michelin EASY GRIP, Michelin EXTREM GRIP), Snow Gecko, Pewag, Maggi and Polaire
  • For a car with front wheel drive, snow chains are fitted only on the front wheels. For a car with rear or all-wheel drive, it is best to fit chains to all four wheels.
  • Fit chains in a flat area with plenty of space. Ideally, you should familiarise yourself with them, so that you can fit them quickly when the moment arrives.
  • Snow chains affect how your vehicle behaves. For safety's sake, do not drive at speeds in excess of 50 k.p.h.
  • So that your snow chains last as long as possible and to prevent premature wear, remove them as soon as road surface conditions allow. As much as possible, clean metal chains with hot water after each use and dry them thoroughly before putting them away.
  • Check the condition of your snow chains every year. Rusty or damaged snow chains should not be used. To prevent rust on steel snow chains, grease them, once winter is past.