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Uniroyal car tyres
Uniroyal tyre
Uniroyal, the American manufacturer, has the copyright for rain tyres, that it invented in 1969. Leader on this market's segments, Uniroyal is also a brand that has won the consumers' respect, which also place this brand in the top of the best rain tyres producers. A trust partially influenced by tradition, because this constructer has been keeping its promises for over one century. The company founded in 1892 merged with Continental A.G. in the eighties. The features of a Uniroyal rain tyre are reflected in the buyers' preferences: short breaking distances in aquaplaning conditions and wet roads, tread patterns conceived like a water drainage system, silica compounds to increase their grip. As for the fun side, this manufacturer is also at its best. Uniroyal was among the first manufacturers in Europe to think of a race opened to the public (The Uniroyal Fun Cup), where occasional pilots challenge each other on legendary race tracks. Change brand

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