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Bridgestone Blizzak W800 tyre

Blizzak W800

Commercial vehicle tyres - Winter

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Bridgestone Blizzak W800 is a special tyre designed for trucks, vans and carriers. The ideal winter tyre is manufactured exclusively for northern and middle European countries. Matching the needs of this region, the tyre offers excellent grip on snow and ice. To tackle the slippery weather condition, the zigzag lamella in the tread design comes into action. Other than the below freezing temperatures, the tyre shows its optimum performance on both wet and dry roads. When considering the wet traction, Blizzak W800 offers good traction and excellent resistance to aquaplaning. Master of all winter road condition, the tyre exhibits all qualities of an all-round performer. With good fuel economy and even tread wear, the tyre offers high mileage. The high-tech tread pattern with all positive features, this Bridgestone is an excellent performer.

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Size Performance Delivery time Price
195/75 R16 107 R
  • 8-PR
  • F
  • B
  • 74dB
Delivery within 3 to 4 working days In stock £94.36
Average score
3.5 7 10
(3 recommendations)
1 recommendation
1 recommendation
1 recommendation
Performance on Dry Roads 3.67/5 | Performance on Wet Roads 3.83/5 | Performance on Snow 3.50/5 | Roadholding 3.17/5 | Driving Comfort 3.50/5 | Wear vs. mi 3.33/5 | Noise level 3.17/5 | Quality vs. Price 2.50/5
  • 9.26 10
    By abeille France, 5 November 2017
    Would I buy the same tyres: Yes
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  • 6.26 10
    By Nick Belgium, 25 November 2014
    Would I buy the same tyres: Maybe
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  • 4.5 10
    anonymous Netherlands, 29 January 2012
    FORD Transit FT 300 S
    Would I buy the same tyres: Absolutely not
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