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Complete wheels: fitting, maintenance, storing.


Step 1: Preparing the vehicle

  1. Check the vehicle's handbook at the chapter dedicated to changing a flat tyre.
  2. Park on a firm horizontal and non-slippery ground.
  3. Apply the handbrake and engage first gear , reverse, or "P" for vehicles with automatic transmission.

Step 2: Taking off the original wheels

  1. Place the jack in the recommended lifting point closest to the wheel to be removed.
  2. Slacken off the wheel nuts/bolts for an half turn using the vehicle's wheel brace.
  3. Raise the jack to lift the vehicle sufficiently without lifting the tyre off the ground. Ensure that the rib of the lifting point is resting on the groove of the jack.
  4. Unscrew the slackened wheel nuts/bolts.
  5. Raise the jack to lift the vehicle sufficiently so that the wheel is just clear of the ground.
  6. Remove the wheel nuts and then the wheel.

Step 3: Fitting of the new complete wheels

  1. Before fitting your new wheel,clean the fitting surface of the wheel and of the hub with a clean cloth.
  2. According the vehile and the chosen type of wheels,some accessories might be delivered with your new wheels. These accessories must be fitted as shown on the handbook of the products before fitting the new wheel.
  3. Position the new wheel so that the holes of the rim will be facing the bolts (of the holes)placed on the hub.
  4. Screw the bolts the farest possible with your hand- be careful, there should not be any resistance- and put the vehicle back on the ground.
  5. Finish screwing the bolts with the wheel brace, helping with your foot.

Repeat step 2 and 3 for each wheel.

Be careful !

If you are not sure that you screwed the wheels enough because of lack of physical strength, stop at the first gas station to have them tightened.
As soon as the fitting is done, ensure that the the pressure of your new wheels matches the recommendations of the vehicle's manufacturer.


  • Wash regularly the rims with soapy water (max 1 bar if pressure hose down)
  • Avoid the traditional rims cleansers (because they have an acid PH, caustic soda and other alkaline components)
  • Avoid clensing with harsh brush and in automatic washing stations
  • - Avoid "polish" and other diluent


Store the clean and dry complete wheels in a position lying down on each others, or ideally on a Pneus Online's shelf specially designed for this purpose.

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