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Bridgestone RD-613 tyre


Commercial vehicle tyres - Summer

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Bridgestone RD 613 is a specially designed tyre for vans and daily transporter vehicles. Designed to meet the toughest and hard hitting urban roads, the tyre features toughest body and sidewall. The treads are uniquely patterned with deep grooves and large tread blocks. The deep grooves help in gaining good traction even on wet weather condition. Large tread blocks maintain the balance of the vehicle even on rugged roads. The three deep zigzag ribs and the intermediate tread block ensure better road hold. The circumferential grooves provide extra stability while cornering. The ribbed tread pattern offer high mileage and also show superior resistance to the uneven tread wear and tear. With improved tread life and increased durability, the tyre internally features solid twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon. The hard sidewalls offer uniform quality driving experience and also prevent the tyre from all external penetrations and damages.

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195/70 R15 104 S
  • 8-PR
  • E
  • C
  • 71dB
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