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Bridgestone Potenza RE050A 235/45 R17 93 W tyre

Potenza RE050A

Car tyres - Summer

  • G
  • C
  • 70dB
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  • 3 to 5 working days
£91.98 91.98
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Potenza RE050 A is a high performance summer tyre from Bridgestone. The technical design of the tyre meets the expectation of the most demanding drivers of sports cars, coupes and sedans. Potenza RE050 A is optimized to perform well on both dry and wet roads. But it is not meant for snow driving. The tyre slips out of control when driven on near freezing temperatures. The asymmetric tread pattern of this Bridgestone is designed from the ultra-grip tread compound. The continuous centre rib provides balanced and responsive driving. Providing quiet and comfortable driving experience, the lateral grooves protect the vehicle from the risk of aquaplaning. To stabilize the tread area, Potenza RE050 A is designed with twin steel belts reinforced by spiral-wrapped nylon. Finally, the fabric cord body helps in maintaining cornering stability.

European seal of approval of Bridgestone Potenza RE050A 235/45 R17 93 W: Fuel consumption - Grip on wet surfaces - Noise of extern rolling G C 70 dB C1

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Average score
3.5 7 10
(341 recommendations)
37 recommendations
205 recommendations
77 recommendations
17 recommendations
5 recommendations
0 recommendation
Performance on Dry Roads 4.45/5 | Performance on Wet Roads 3.87/5 | Performance on Snow 2.00/5 | Roadholding 4.36/5 | Driving Comfort 3.81/5 | Wear vs. mi 3.43/5 | Noise level 3.73/5 | Quality vs. Price 3.66/5
  • 7.26 10
    United Kingdom, 21 October 2013
    HONDA S 2000 Cabriolet
    Very good tyre just a shame about the wear.
    Would I buy the same tyres: Yes
  • 6.88 10
    United Kingdom, 12 May 2011
    BMW 120 D
    These tyres are very high quality and have proved excellent over a wide range of characteristics, the only draw backs have been a fairly poor performance when it comes to wear rate and terrible in snow and ice (but that was expected due as much to the car). They are also a little expensive to replace.
    Would I buy the same tyres: Maybe
  • 6.88 10
    Ireland, 7 November 2010
    BMW 645 CI
    they offer excellent dry grip but wet grip leaves a LOT to be desired very poor indeed for a tyre of this price
    Would I buy the same tyres: Probably not
  • 6.62 10
    United Kingdom, 8 January 2011
    OPEL Zafira
    A good tyre in moderate weather wet and dry but completely useless on snow and ice.
    Would I buy the same tyres: Probably not
  • 5.88 10
    United Kingdom, 12 March 2011
    VAUXHALL insignia
    compound toosoft,
    Would I buy the same tyres: Absolutely not
  • 5.38 10
    Ireland, 10 February 2011
    BMW 645 CI
    great in the dry , very very bad on wet roads
    Would I buy the same tyres: Absolutely not
  • 4.88 10
    United Kingdom, 8 March 2011
    NISSAN 370Z
    These were OEM fit tyres. Got bad tram lining at normal road driving speeds, even worse when wet and got far worse with tyre wear. They felt unsure going into corners at most speeds but got better when warmed up with spirited driving. Quite noisy and mostly a harsh ride compared to other performance tyres. Also wear was bad considering a lot of my driving was at normal traffic speeds in rush hour. Although more expensive I'm now on Michelins with higher load ratings and they trump the Bridgestones in every category!!
    Would I buy the same tyres: Absolutely not
  • 3.38 10
    United Kingdom, 20 July 2008
    BMW Z4 2.5 24V
    Lethal when cold and wet
    Would I buy the same tyres: Absolutely not
  • 10 10
    Portugal, 31 March 2010
    LAMBORGHINI Diablo Roadster
    Would I buy the same tyres: Yes
  • 9.88 10
    Netherlands, 6 September 2010
    Would I buy the same tyres: Yes
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